Kia Leong - Director at Forte Wantirna, Melbourne on Choosing a Singing Teacher. Kia is a qualified and respected Opera singer, and her insight and approach has helped many student singers realise their true potential.

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Video Transcript:
"At Forte, the singing teachers that we have here are all fully qualified and that's something that you should look for when you are enquiring about someone who is a singing teacher.

Don't just pick someone who's just had a few singing lessons themselves or a handful of singing lessons. Our teachers here have actually completed their University degree, on voice. That means what you'll get is, you'll get technique, and a huge part of learning singing is knowing the technique of it, the muscles to use.  

Singing is really scientific. If you can make these muscles work at the same time you'll get a better voice and you really need someone who knows what they're talking about to be able to deliver that to you." : Kia Leong - Director at Forte Wantirna, Melbourne

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