Not all of our schools run Music Theatre programs. Here, Kia Leong of Forte School of Music in Wantirna, Melbourne talks about how she helps students prepare for school musicals.

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"So with singing lessons for the music theatre genre.

Music Theatre is really popular these days and I think the reason why it is so popular is you combine singing and acting. There are lots of singers who are not so great at acting and there are quite a few actors are not so great at singing, but we can actually put that together.

And for those who need to learn how to get to act or to get their point across or to be able to sing with expression, Music Theatre is a really great way to be able to do that. Because you're in a character you're playing to someone aside from yourself that can also be lots of fun as well. And for those who come from an acting background and want to learn how to sing.

Often we have students who’ve scored a part in their school musical and they've never had formal singing lessons before. They want to be able to stand on stage and be confident about their abilities and that's something we can definitely help students with. So often we have students enrolling for a short period maybe for a ten week block, just to work on the song they needed to for their school musical." : Kia Leong - Director at FORTE WANTIRNA, Melbourne

How do I book a free trial singing lesson?

Either fill out the form on this page or visit our locations page to find a school near you!

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