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Our Beginner Piano Program - virtuosos have to start somewhere and our carefully developed program inspires young minds...

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Video Transcript for Learning Piano for Kids:

"For our students who are school age or at Kinder, we’ve got our Junior Keys program.

It’s our flagship piano course and children who learn in Junior Keys are usually age between 5 and 7 years.

If they come from Music is Fun, Junior Key classes is really really easy to teach. They can start reading musical notations, playing, singing there, nicely and play. Most of them will start having an instrument at home.

One thing that’s really important is that children learn that music is a written language and that language does not change. Children will learn basically how to be good musician.

Sometimes you look at the course and you think it’s a bit slow, you know, after one semester my child can only play Twinkle tTwinkle Little Star most like the pinnacle piece of level one but you don’t understand is now your child is also able to sing in tune, your child is now able to identify notes by ear by simply hearing the sound on the piano, they are able to tell you what those notes are, learning how to sing chord, they've learnt how to read a bit of music as well.

So they learn how to play, they learn how to sing, they learn how to improve their fine and gross motor skills all wrapped up in a package where there are also learning how to be confident in a class, to be able to play for their classmates, to better learn how to read as well as write music.

The space is a place of learning and a place of excitement as well, come and join the fun."

How do I book a free trial music lesson? Either fill out the form on this page or visit our locations page to find a school near you!